Ubuntu Health Impact Fund

Program Details

AHETI plans to achieve its mission to ramp up local production of pharmaceuticals in Africa through four (4) main programs:


Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar. Africama House, 260 Dagoretti Rd, Nairobi – Kenya

About the Pilot Fund

The Health Impact Fund Africa aims to make important medicines more available to patients in Africa while supporting the pharmaceutical industry in the continent. This would result in low prices for patients and support both manufacturing and distribution. The Africa Pilot would offer rewards to manufacturers who supply products at a non-profit price, with the rewards allocated based on the health benefits of each product. This system incentivizes the production of important pharmaceuticals in Africa for sale to the patients who need them.

Eligibility to the Fund

This pilot would feature a single reward pool of up to US$100 million to be divided among participating projects according to the health gains they achieve over a 3-year period. To be eligible for participation, a proposed project must

An expert committee will select the best 4-5 proposals based on their anticipated health impact, innovative potential, suitability for reliable and inexpensive impact assessment, benefits to poor patients, and African ownership and control.

Selected proposals will have three years to implement their projects, after which the final allocation of the reward pool will be made. The expert committee may award advance payments to resource-poor proponents to support their projects, which will be subtracted from the final award after all projects have been assessed.

The Africa pilot is designed to strengthen African capacities in pharmaceutical innovation, manufacturing, and delivery; to generate crucial learning toward health system strengthening in Africa; and to achieve health gains for Africans.

For more information about the Health Impact Fund, please email info@healthimpactfund.org.