Leveraging African Pharmaceutical experts

Program Details

AHETI plans to achieve its mission to ramp up local production of pharmaceuticals in Africa through four (4) main programs:


Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar. Africama House, 260 Dagoretti Rd, Nairobi – Kenya

About Program

AHETI is working with a growing network of very highly qualified African pharmaceutical experts with vast experience, both in Africa and in the diaspora, on concrete efforts that are revolutionising pharmaceutical work in Africa through precision medicine informed by biomedical data drawn from Africa and therefore providing health solutions suited for Africa. AHETI seeks to bring together the scientists and experts and the network of Catholic hospitals and experts in Africa to advance precision medicine efforts by setting up multifunctional biomedical research facilities in Africa to advance molecular diagnosis, as first step to precision medicine a reality in Africa. The facilities will analyse complex infections, introduce advance molecular profiling technique to Africa, and curtail the long wait associated with sending samples to overseas for diagnosis. The facilities would facilitate biosample collection, storage and analysis as a backbone for local and global research into various diseases.

As a collaborative, AHETI will interact African experts with the array of the Catholic Church health network experts and facilities and work closely with public and private health facilities, and other key stakeholders at the forefront of championing precision medicine to boost healthcare delivery in Africa. At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all witnessed vaccine hesitancy and vaccine nationalism. This evidence underscores the importance of building local research and diagnostic capacity in Africa. Since routine or regular medical screening is not commonly performed by Africans, most patients present to the hospital at an advanced stage in the course of their disease minimising their window of opportunity and this is where precision medicine becomes very important. Reports could be generated relatively quickly, eliminating completely the long waiting time and affording clinicians the opportunity to initiate prompt treatment for better health outcomes of their patients. AHETI has started this work in West Africa with Revna Solutions, which it want to replicate in East Africa in Nairobi with a plan to extend to Southern Africa and the rest of Africa.