AHETI Partners with Duniya Healthcare and ZCCB to Enhance Healthcare Delivery in Rural Zambia.

AHETI is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Duniya Healthcare and the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB), aimed at revolutionizing healthcare access and medicine distribution in rural areas of Zambia. In Zambia, like in many parts of Africa, rural communities face significant challenges in accessing essential healthcare services and life-saving medications. These challenges […]

AHETI’s Strategic Initiative on HPV Vaccination Uptake

Cervical cancer starkly underscores the pervasive health inequities that exist between Africa and other parts of the world. With approximately 119,000 new cases and 81,000 deaths annually, Africa bears a disproportionate burden of the global cervical cancer crisis. In contrast, more developed regions have significantly lower incidence and mortality rates due to widespread access to […]

Upcoming Project Launch January 2024

Women-by-Women Project: A Catalyst for SDG 3.1 Project Title: Leveraging Digital Technology for Women’s Healthcare in Africa Proposed by: Africa Health and Economic Transformation Initiative (AHETI)   Project Overview AHETI is thrilled to introduce the “Women-by-Women Project,” a strategic initiative poised to accelerate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3.1. This goal focuses on […]

Launch of the Africa Health and Economic Transformation Initiative (AHETI)

AHETI is a pan-African initiative aimed at eradicating poverty diseases endemic in Africa, namely, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, hepatitis B and diarrhoea by promoting efforts and policies to ramp up local production of pharmaceuticals in Africa. NAIROBI, December 13th 2022 – The Jesuit Justice and Ecology Network – Africa (JENA) together with its sister […]

JENA Lauds Donor Nations’ Support

The Jesuit Justice and Ecology Network – Africa (JENA) has welcomed the international community’s generous gesture to support poorer countries’ recovery efforts in the wake of the prolonged COVID-19 crisis. On Wednesday last week, the World Bank announced a $93 billion replenishment package of the International Development Association (IDA) to help low-income countries respond to the  COVID-19 crisis and build a greener, more resilient, and inclusive future. “The donor contribution to the IDA, World Bank fund […]

Partial win in COVID-19 vaccine access for developing world, much more remains to be done

16th March 2022 – In a landmark development yesterday, the European Union (EU), South Africa, India and USA are reported to have reached a compromise in long-running negotiations for a waiver on intellectual property (IP) rights for coronavirus products. However, it still needs agreement from EU member countries as well as other World Trade Organization (WTO) […]

The Russia – Ukraine War: Implications for Africa

In recent weeks, I have been teaching a course in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences called Introduction to International Relations. And in the context of this course I have taught a topic called “Just War Theory”. All this has happened while the Russia-Ukraine war is still raging on. In our class discussions, we concluded […]