Cervical Cancer & HPV Vaccination Convening

Cervical cancer constitutes one of the gravest public health emergencies in Africa,
with a devastating impact particularly on women, who face disproportionately high
mortality rates. Recent data reveals that Africa records approximately 119,000 new
cases and 81,000 deaths annually, making it the leading cause of cancer-related
mortality among women on the continent. In response to this urgent crisis, the Africa
Health and Economic Transformation Initiative (AHETI), a faith-based collective, in
strategic partnership with health associations of sisterhoods in Africa, Kilele Health
Association and Africa Cervical Health Alliance (ACHA), is spearheading a pivotal
convening in Nairobi.

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Ubuntu Health Impact Fund

Incentivizing pharmaceutical innovation and production in and for Africa.

Biomedical Research Facilities

To advance molecular diagnosis, as first step to making precision medicine a reality in Africa

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Leverage African Pharmaceutical Expertise

Leveraging ith vast experience in
precision medicine both in Africa and abroad.

Africa Health Leadership

Developing competent
leadership, both political and technocratic, to
transform the health
sector in Africa.


Closing Remarks for the just concluded Africa Afya Conference in Kigali - Rwanda

The AFRICA AFYA CONFERENCE themed; “Health For All” has just come to a close. But the Initiative unveiled at this conference has just begun.  If you missed the conference, you can catch up and watch the liberations and presentations as they happened at the event through our youtube coverage.


We envision an Africa free of poverty diseases!

AHETI is an initiative of the JESUITS Justice and Ecology Network Africa (JENA) and the African Jesuit AIDS Network (AJAN), in close collaboration with their partners, the Yale University Global Justice Program, the AU Development Agency – NEPAD, Incentives for Global Health (IGH), the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK), Association of Religious of Uganda (ARU), Conference of Major Superiors Religious of Ghana (CMSRG) and the Zambia Association of Sisterhoods (ZAS). 

Ethical Imperative & Social Justice

People should not be denied access to life-saving or health-promoting interventions for unfair reasons, including economic or social causes. Access to quality and safe medicines has been designated as a basic human right by the World Health Organization. The relevance has been given further weight by its inclusion in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target 3.b.

Health as Base for Economic growth

Health is an important determinant of economic development; a healthy population means higher productivity. For Africa's economies to rise, there needs to be massive investment in ensuring quality access to healthcare for all, and eradication of poverty diseases endemic in Africa, namely, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, hepatitis B and diarrhoea

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Our Governance

Fr. Charles Chilufya, S.J

Executive Director & Board Chairman

Fr. Chilufya coordinates all Jesuit International and social ministries in Africa; He works to create synergies for greater impact of their social ministries in Africa. His office also provides liaison and creates strategic partnerships in matters concerning justice and ecology within and beyond the Jesuit organisations and units. My office is a vital African Jesuit Conference interface between global policies in the economic, social and environmental spheres and local issues confronting populations in Africa and Madagascar.

Ms. Jacqueline Mugo, MBS

Board Member

An advocate of the High Court of Kenya who doubles up as the Executive Director & CEO of the Federation of Kenya Employers, the Secretary-General Business Africa Employers Confederation, a Titular Board member of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Vice President for Africa of the International Organization of Employers (IOE).

Dr. Fred Ogola, PHD

Chief Executive Officer

He is Director at Institute of Strategy & Competitiveness and sits on the Board of the Arch Diocese of Nairobi Health Board. Also Senior Lecturer of Strategy and Decision Making at Strathmore Business School. Part-time Professor of IESE Business School, Spain and a visiting Professor Position of University of St. Gallen. He  holds a PhD in Management Science and Innovation with a focus on Strategy and Execution from ESADE Business School Barcelona Spain. He is a member of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) and the European Academy of Business In Society (EABIS). 

Fr. Ismael Matambura

Director Africa Jesuits Aids Network

FCPA, Dr. James Boyd McFie, HSC

Board Member

Director of Strathmore School of Accountancy, where he has served as a Lecturer since 1978. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sasini Limited and as a Non-Executive Director of The Standard Group Limited & Centum Investment Company Ltd. He previously served as Director of the Capital Markets Authority (Kenya) and as a Member of the Value Added Tax Tribunal of Kenya. He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy degree in Accounting from the University of Strathclyde, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford.

Dr. Sr. Carren Atieno Owuor

Board Member

Dr. Sr. Carren is a Medical Doctor with more than 10 years’ experience in Primary Healthcare provision with a passion to improve access to health at all levels. She is the Former C.E.O & Medical Director of the St Mary’s Mission Hospitals (Nairobi & Rift Valley). She is currently doing her Final year of MBA at Strathmore University (Kenya) – Majoring in Healthcare Management (HCM). She is a member of the Assumption Sister of Nairobi (ASN) congregation.

Prof Sr Eugenia Amporfu

Board Member

Sr. Eugenia Amporfu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, KNUST. She holds a PhD in Economics from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada She teaches Health Economics, Econometrics, and Advanced Microeconomics both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. She has also taught a graduate course in Macroeconomics. Her areas of research broadly cover Health Economics and has peer reviewed theoretical and empirical research articles. Her research interests in Health Economics includes Strategic Purchasing focusing on healthcare financing and physician reimbursement, Equity, and Policy Evaluation. She has served as a consultant for organizations such as UNFPA, Results for Development, Contract UK Ltd, African Health Economics Association, among others.